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Painting Acrylics
Painting Acrylics
You will find everything you need to get off to a great start - from what supplies to buy to how to make the most of acrylic's bright colors. Easy-to-follow exercises show you how to paint flowers, trees, bricks, skies, fur and other simple subjects, while teaching you a variety of application techniques. Step-by-step demonstrations help you apply what you've learned to make your first paintings good ones. You'll get plenty of specific instructions - colour suggestions, what size brush to use and even which direction to make your strokes.
Acrylic School: A Practical Guide to Painting with Acrylic
Acrylic School: A Practical Guide to Painting with Acrylic
A step-by-step guide to the many possibilities of painting with acrylic, the perfect medium for first-time painters. Includes advice on colors, brushes and materials; paint textures and surfaces and how to mix colors to match what you see in real life; step-by-step sequences of various techniques, and more.
Paint People in Acrylic with Lee Hammond
Brush with Acrylics: Painting the Easy Way
  Learn Watercolor Painting.
Awesome Resource For Beginning Watercolor Artists. Full Of Full Color Illustrations.

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